Gabriella Pusztai

Institute of Educational Studies
University of Debrecen
P.O. Box 17.
4010 Debrecen

 Lecturer activity


2003 - to date

Lecturer and mentor in the Doctoral programme of Arts, The University of Debrecen


Director of Doctoral School of Arts of the University of Debrecen



Ph.D. courses:



Sociology of Education 


Comparison of education systems


Research methods in educational studies I-III.


Information of the Sociology of Education


Interpretational methods of the Sociology of Education



 B.A. and M.A. cources:



Education and society 1-2.


Education and politics


Research methods in educational studies 1-2.


Classical authors in educational sociology     


Hermeneutics of schools


Cultures in schools


Recent questions in educational politics


Improvement in education 


Social basis of education and public education



Mentored doctoral issues:

Alumni and their Thesis


Magdolna Keller - Student mobility of Hungarian students in miniority status




Ede Petrás - The effect of higher education institutes of smalltowns on the regional management of social problems




Eleonóra Molnár - The role of denominational boarding schools in training of intellectuals in minority status




Ágnes Engler - The effect of the exemption from tuition fee of mothers with young children on higher education plans in a disadvantaged region




Katinka Bacskai - Association within the school climate and the student achievement in denominational schools




Erika Garami - Individual and common investment strategies in small regions with different economical development




Csilla D. Farkas - Public discourses about private and church maintained higher educational institutes in postcommunist countries



Talent Care

Mentoring students for national competitions organized by the Hungarian Scientific Student Board

10 winner projects




Alumni and their projects


First place

Zsuzsa Eszter Nagy - Habits of starting a family of Hungarian, Polish and German university students





First place

Annamária Gáti - In serach of community




Second place

Katinka Bacskai - Sense of identity of church secondary students in Upper Hungary




Third place

Zsuzsa Ezster Nagy - Attitudes to start a family among university students in a border region




Tamara Takács - Tibor Madarász: The effect of cultural and social capital on the school advancement of secondary school students




First place

Zita Éva Nagy - Love relationships of intellectual gipsy women




Second place

Gábor Hollósi - Rights to education of minorities




First place

Ágnes Hornyák - Types of school advancement among gypsy intellectuals




First place - Questions of harmonising the Hungarian education policy to the European Union




Third place - School failure of gypsy students