The aim and functions of the Centre

The aim of the centre: to carry out academic researches and developments regarding tertiary education in Debrecen and in the region.

The centre fulfils the following main functions:

  1. It carries out investigations in Debrecen and in the region in relation to the actual developmental questions of higher education. These researches give ground for the institutional and regional decisions (e. g. territorial recruitment, cooperation with the economic environment, opinion of students and educators etc.)
  2. It takes part in tenders for academic research, development and innovation to have the possibility to carry out basic researches to the development of higher education.
  3. It takes part in master and doctoral education.
  4. It seeks, records and mediates the Research and Development problems which arise in our university and in our region because of the Bologna process. It mediates these problems to the appropriate decision-preliminary and decisions-making organisations, furthermore, it offers Research and Development and Innovation solutions,
  5. It assumes developmental services firstly for those who take part in the reform progress (this actual service can be e. g. the technical preparation of researchers preparing for habilitation, organisation of courses for higher educational middle management in the region etc.)
  6. These tasks are extended to the cross-border area.


Last update: 2023. 03. 26. 20:10